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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Chris Rauber and the San Francisco Business Times get it wrong...again

Once again, writer Chris Rauber of the San Francisco Business Times, has simply reprinted a press release and gotten an entire story wrong.

You'd think that after completely mischaracterizing a significant story about how unfair Kaiser rate hikes were impacting California healthcare consumers and in the process making insinuations about the Chronicle's Victoria Colliver (who actually got the story right!), Rauber would think twice about reflexively diving in on the side of established business interests. Apparently not.

In the case of Rauber's nanny-journalism attack on Colliver, it turns out healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente did hike its rates unfairly and is now paying millions back to California consumers. If Rauber had his way, would Colliver's story have even been written, and would hundreds of thousands of Californians have a few extra bucks in their pockets today? It's doubtful.

It's pretty clear that Rauber has a bias against unions and consumers. He has been upfront about his deep suspicions about unions and union activism. In this piece attacking the California Nurses Association, Rauber even went so far as to call the largest nurses' strike in California history not that "big of a deal." Nurses and patients might disagree.

But with today's story attacking yet another healthcare union, the National Union of Healthcare Workers, in which Rauber got the facts so wrong he had to print a correction no sooner than he had posted his story, Rauber has indicated not only that he can't be trusted to write about workers' and consumers' interests in an unbiased manner, but that when it comes to working people, Rauber can't be trusted for reporting on basic facts.