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Sunday, August 07, 2005

afternoon tea

  • Shirlstars at booman tribune has an excellent piece on hard-fought women's rights in the era of Bushco.
  • Frederick Clarkson's headline pieces for the last two days have focused on civil rights lawyer and candidate for governor of Massachesetts, Deval Patrick. Worth a considered look.
  • Steve Rhodes's Tiger Beat is a blog to hit for SF Bay Area denizens....like me. Politics and indie culture. Current story = Blogher...a must visit for their blogroll alone.
  • I know I've been pushing the audioblogs hard...but they're so good! Try ear fuzz for a widely diverse selection of music...best part is, unlike radio, you can play the files over and over again....or, just rewind it, so you can listen to the opening of this blast from the past, like, twenty times.
  • The url for the very funny just another girl on the IRT...is kiss-my-tiara.blogspot.com. Pure sugar smacks for u....

  • Tea and crumpets.


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