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Saturday, August 06, 2005

fresh coffee....and some lemonade

Today's brew is strong:

  • David Rieff has an excellent book review in the current Nation. His take on two recent books documenting "what went wrong" in Iraq is cogent and has an "on the ground" perspective...it's a must read.
  • Digby points out an essay-oriented blog that is worth a spot in your favorites bar. It's called The Light of Reason, and its exceptionally well-read author, Arthur Silber, writes consistently intelligent essays on a wide range of topics. Oatmeal of the highest grade.
  • Always incisive, Jeanne at Body and Soul reads between the lines of official statements regarding U.S. detention policy....in a piece called Clean Hands.
  • Finally, Wilfred at LSF review's Hubert Saupert's chilling film Darwin's Nightmare telling a story of violence and ecological disaster in Africa.

  • ...more to come...squeezing...stirring...ok....lemonade...

  • Sasha Frere-Jones (gender = male) gives the heads-up on these bubble-gum identical twins soon to be all over a radio near you...the Veronicas...hmm, kinda like the Archies...
  • MWAT favors the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose against the summer heat...and I do too. In fact, I can't stop spinning the song....
  • ....of course Oliver Wang at soul sides has the summer-listening beat covered cold, with guest spots from dj's Blake Leyh and Todd Inoue....and don't miss his sneak of Kanye West's remix of a Ray Charles riff...pure summer gold...

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