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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

information and analysis

  • Dancing Larry has a sobering report up speculating on the fate of Plaquemines Parish at the very end of Louisiana
  • DHinMI leads a good discussion at the Next Hurrah that includes Meteor Blades; don't miss this post either.
  • PBS News Hour was excellent today. Watch it on TV if at all possible, (I don't think it's availible online.) The British reporter's work from Gulfport and Biloxi is the best on-the-ground coverage of this I've seen
  • The Weather Channel has a comprehensive set of photos
  • Billmon finally sources the Led Zeppelin song everyone's been quoting (not me, though....let's leave it at that) and writes a brilliant forward-thinking, well-researched post.
  • There is something deeply amiss in this story from the Mississippi Sun Herald. (thanks to colinb at dailykos.com)
  • BBC reporter Alistair Leithead in New Orleans, BBC TV (generic link, but has good stuff), reports that there are many dead bodies floating in the city of New Orleans, and that there are still many trapped in houses there. He also notes that Air Force One was visible as it passed overhead, tilting and flying low over the city.

  • One note: Governor Blanco's press conference on NewsHour had a kind of alarming undertext. It's clear that when a governor is pleading and sounding exasperated and put out, that there's a drastic need for leadership here. Simply put, this disaster is beyond the resources of any local municipal or state official to deal with. The scope of this disaster is huge.

    Even if the they can't act immediately, it is critical that our Federal government project leadership and promise that all available means will be brought to bear in New Orleans and Gulf Coast. Believe it or not, leadership is as much about that as anything. That is the essential first step, and today's Presidential press conference did not cut it.

    Someone with vision and leadership needs to stand up and soon. In this time of need, our President has failed us.


    • The magnitude of the disaster demands the visionary leadership of an FDR. A friend pointed out that when acquaintances of hers lost their home, they lost all their wealth. For many middle class people-- homeowners--one's home IS one's wealth. To lose that and to lose one's source of income. I mean, losing one's source of income is bad enough. To lose the security one slowly built up over years of wage labor--that's a cause for despair. This has happened to a major CITY as well as other several smaller cities and towns. We need an FDR--a new sort of WPA, for instance. Instead we're stuck with an incompetent president who possesses neither the mindfulness to prepare in advance a response to such disasters, nor the competence to respond to them. And, aiding him, we have a ruling party that is not serious about anything except tax cuts for the wealthy and pandering to their equally un-civic-minded base. Again we're feeling the pain of that Supreme Court decision that first gave the presidency to Bush.

      By Blogger Myshkin, at 11:04 PM  

    • We need an FDR--a new sort of WPA....instead we're stuck with an incompetant president who possesses neither the mindfulness to prepare..a response to such disasters, nor the competence to responsd to them.


      GWB, a Texas oil man, is VERY familiar with the Gulf Coast and New Orleans. He knows the politics of it. His inaction on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday...and his lack of planning, in fact, his lack of support for efforts to stave off just such a levee break in previous years....

      are no less than damning.

      By Blogger kid oakland, at 12:04 PM  

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