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Saturday, August 13, 2005

positive vibration: activism open thread

Oakland / Berkeley has a reputation as a "laboratory" for the left wing...try these links to some local activist sites with an East Bay theme:

  • Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard project, based at Martin Luther King Middle School in Berkeley, is a tremendously hopeful urban experiment.
  • Visit the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights to see how Books not Bars is using net activism to fight the good fight for all California's kids.
  • Oakland-based Circle of Life foundation is an environmental activist ogranization best known for the participation of Julia Butterfly Hill. Sadly, they recently had their office broken in to...if you're in the mood to help, or just to check out a group focused on a holistic view of protecting our Earth...click the link.
  • No matter where you live Idealist.org is a clearinghouse for non-profit activism around the world. Definintely worth a visit.

  • Please feel free to add your own local or global activist links below, or tell your own story...I'm honestly curious and would like to hear from other parts of the country. I know that there are interesting groups working hard all over.


    • Here in Tucson, we have Derechos Humanos, which keeps the focus on the human crisis we are experiencing with regards to immigration policies. They keep an update of migrant deaths and organize marches to help save lives.

      By Blogger Man Eegee, at 4:35 PM  

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