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Sunday, August 21, 2005

sunday coffee: late summer edition

  • Relentlessly uncovering the hidden history of our times....wendell gee and awol serve up a must-read political piece on the Roberts nomination today at Cartel of Defiance...it may seem like a puzzle at first, but, dig in and follow the links, and you'll see, as always, it's relevant and spot on.
  • Billmon is back at it with two posts on Iraq, both essential reading.
  • Ellen Willis has a thoughtful, and personal, appreciation of Susan Sontag in New Politics
  • Did I mention that Body and Soul is great today?...Well, now I did.

  • Soul Strut is the new music link today...try Clutchin' Gems...a Denver-based dj's hour-long mix on Real Player. Worth it.
  • k/o now sports an Oakland-themed sidebar....I recommend checking out oaklandish and favianna to catch some small part of the flavor of my home town.

  • {the blog network is still getting blogspot-related spam...as have the comments sections from time to time. argh. bear with me.}


    • I've been to Oaklandish! Was just walking by after a lunch at E&J down the street and my lover looks up at the sign and tugs me into it. What a cool place.

      BTW, enjoy your writings over at dkos. Glad you started your own blog.

      By Blogger resigned idealist, at 11:58 AM  

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