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Sunday, August 07, 2005

a sunset martini

Ok, I'm old school. Blogs make links.

  • Speaking of old school, visit Sticker Shock Music for a glimpse at Freeze Force's "Boogie Down Bronx"...listen while you can...
  • Blogher's blogroll led me to these welcome links: Maggie at mighty girl has got an SF story for you involving her and her friend Heather....(aka Heather Armstrong the blogger who got fired for blogging)....Heather, btw, has got one of the all-time-classic Blog profiles up on her blog Dooce.
  • Stylus web magazine is always worth a visit, and this essay on Nostalgia by Ian Mathers answers whether pop critics can get away with using terms like phenomenology...or at least I think it does.
  • Speaking of nostalgia, here's a live blog that's an attempt to journal its author's reading of Proust's In Search of Lost Time. Fittingly titled Losing Time with Proust....he/she(?) is currently on page 290 of the 3000 page opus....should be interesting.

  • If all this culture stuff feels too frothy for these times...the War in Context is thick with informative articles tonight.
  • Chris Bowers at MyDD makes an excellent point warning about the GOP noise machine infiltrating the netroots
  • And while long-standing blogger Swopa's coverage of the deaths of 20 Marines from a single Ohio battalion is, simply put, disturbing news, the caption on the photo is regretfully, just wrong, if you ask me. Outrage and powerlessness in the face of this brutal war can lead folks to act as if they are justified in writing like there are no rules or codes of conduct for us bloggers...but there are...and common decency should be one of them.

    A sunset martini...with an espresso chaser.


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