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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

update from New Orleans

Word from friends in NYC is that our friend Kiersta is indeed among the physicians caring for patients at the flooded Charity Hospital in New Orleans right now. There's no power (ventilators are being operated by hand pump) no food and little water. Their job is simply keeping their patients alive until they can be evacuated. Word is that the full evacuation of the hospital will take days.

Kier, our thoughts are with you and your patients right now. Be safe.


  • If you can get word back to them, let them know that help is on the way. According to yesterday's Guardian, "Wednesday morning, four Navy ships loaded with supplies - ranging from food and water to soap and medical supplies - were preparing to leave Virginia, and they were expected to arrive in the Gulf by the weekend, according to the Navy. ...In addition, the hospital ship USNS Comfort was leaving Baltimore en route to the Gulf region and eight water rescue SEAL teams from California were on the way to Lafayette, La., with small, rigid hulled boats that can work in shallow water to pull stranded residents from their flooded homes and neighborhoods. They were expected to arrive Wednesday."

    By Anonymous Michael, at 10:19 PM  

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