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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

west of the west

One thing about living out here West of the West is that you see so many sunsets over the Pacific....and you realize what a peculiar point of view that gives. There's this kind of moody...."I guess we can all say goodbye to that day" kind of vibe...of course, the cool kids in NYC are just headed out for the night right about now...and there's always Hawaii...

Okay, back to work.

  • Digby and Arthur Silber have been building up a kind of one-two punch on the morose bigotry of the religious right. (And Pharyngula makes it three.)
  • Brad De Long hits two out of the ballpark today: one over left field fence and the other to deep center.
  • DHinMI makes an excellent point from an unlikely source at the Next Hurrah
  • Blogger Words have Power continues to write up a storm on SoCal politics. This My Left Wing diary checks out CA-50 candidate, Francine Busby and the "Hackett Effect."

  • Meanwhile, as a follow-up on Operation "Meth Merchant"

  • Here's a link to a discussion at an online Desi-community blog called Sepia Mutiny. The discussion follows the course of the story from June through the NYT story one week ago. Interesting read. Good blog.


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