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Monday, September 05, 2005

Chuck D

From Air America:

now all these press conferences
breaking news alerts, this just in
while your government looks for a war to win
plames from the blame game
names - where do i begin
walls closing in
get some help to my kin
who cares
while the rest of the bush nation stares
as the drama unfolds
as we the people, under the stairs
50% of this son of a bush nation
is like hatin on haiti
settin' up assassinations
ask pat robertson
quiz 'im
hmmm...smells like terrorism
racism in the news
still one-sided views
sayin' whites find food
pray for the national guard
ready to shoot
cuz them blacks - they loot
fires, earthquakes, tsunamis
i don't mean to scare
wasn't this written some where?
disgrace is all i see
are black faces moved from all these places
emergency state
corpses, alligators and snakes
big difference between this haze
and them diamonds on the VMA's
we better look
what's really important under the sun
especially if you're over 21
this ain't no t.v. show
this ain't no video
this is real real
really real
beyond them same old "keep it real" quotes
from them t.v. stars driving their big rim cars
streets be floodin' B!
no matter where you at
know gas driving is now a luxury
urgency - a state of emergency shows
somebody's government is far from reality
i see here
we be the new faces of refugees
we ain't even overseas
but here on our knees
forget the plasma t.v.
ain't no electricity
new world's upside down and out of order
shelter, food - what's up?
where's the water?
no answers from disaster
the master's hurtin'
so who the F we call - halliburton?!?
son of bush
how you gonna trust that cat
to fix things
when help is stuck in Iraq?
makin' war plans
takin' more stands in afghanistan
2,000 soldiers dyin' in the sand
but that's over there, right?
now what's over here
is a noise so loud
some can't hear
but on t.v. i can see
bunches of people lookin' just like me

Chuck D. (transcription thanks to Cedwyn at dKos)


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