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Sunday, September 25, 2005

open thread

I've got a post up at BooMan Tribune called democratic writing: on blogging and community...and I'm working piece on Iraq for this space...

what's on your mind today?


  • i'm wondering how, as individuals, we can reverse the destruction going on in fronts both domestic and foreign when we are stuck with 3 more years of BushCo. I'm feeling depressed and angry. Even worse than before. Now I'm seeing them awarding rebuilding contracts to Halliburton and planning an N.O. renewal project to test new conservative ideas on the most vulnerable "research subjects". And talking about the great "preparedness" for Hurricane Rita, like it wasn't directly connected to the disasterous no-show for Katrina and the consequent tanking in the polls. There's just no shame, no shame at all and the most enormous chutzpah that can't seem to be arrested. I don't have such breathtaking presumption to match theirs. What do we do? Where is our leverage?

    By Blogger girlinthelockerroom, at 4:41 PM  

  • Our leverage? Ah...leverage vs chutzpah.

    I think it comes down to this:

    We know we are right, short and long term...there is tremendous strength in that.

    Ie. There's always short term political organizing...2006..2008. But there's also long term work to do....always.

    I'm going to try to write with a pragmatic mix fo the two. You'll see.

    Short answer: for 2006 try to take vulnerable GOP districts in the House. They REALLY don't want us to focus on that. We should.

    Long answer: build our vision. If we don't, we know it won't happen by accident.

    By Blogger kid oakland, at 7:49 PM  

  • Great diary on Booman, kid.

    I'm sad tonight...about soj, the three years remining on the Bush contract, the constant head banging, the keyboard clacking...just blue.

    And autumn is coming. It's in the air here. The first day I smelled the death of leaves.

    I sense a cold winter and cold winters in New York are hard...with the wind off the Hudson, ice in the gutters and only the banging pipes marking the time until April.

    Sad, indeed.

    By Blogger NYBri, at 8:02 PM  

  • Well that's why I posted a little "woodland" story tonight....

    you know.... a cure for the blues I hope.

    By Blogger kid oakland, at 8:10 PM  

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