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Thursday, September 15, 2005

save new orleans music

If you know what it means, to miss New Orleans...try visiting Save New Orleans Music, though it's rather spare right now....maybe bookmark it...hopefully it will grow into something that supports the musicians in ever more innovative and tangible ways, but there's already stuff you can do, like give money, if you've got it.

And of course, for a taste of the music and culture and personality of the Big Easy, visit WWOZ in exile, a radio station that is, itself, a national treasure, and needs our help right now too....that website provides a window into the heart of New Orleans.

Update: try this website for a hopeful / heartbreaking look at one photographer's Mardi Gras project and fundraiser: Greetings from New Orleans.


  • Hi Kid Oakland, Great to get your email the other day and thanks for the link on your site. I'm new at this and haven't yet figured out how to do any fancy stuff on my blog. Send me a proper email at: lundgrenjm@hotmail.com
    I don't have your email. Take care of yourself. Kiersta and I are safe and sound in Michigan and will be returning to NOLA this friday.

    By Anonymous justin lundgren, at 6:31 PM  

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