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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

state of the nation

In the grocery line here in California today:

Clerk: "Gas looks like it's going up to $3.25...I found a place for $2.95...and a year ago I would have been screaming about that."

Me: "No kidding, and we have it cheap here compared to the rest of the world."

Clerk: "Yeah, but that's all tax, in England they pay $10 a gallon but it's all taxes."

Middle-Class Woman behind me: "But at least it goes to their country...our money just goes to all those people we're at war with over there."



  • I've got an essay up at Booman Tribune. It's called In the shadow of Sister Souljah: Maudelle Shirek vs. the GOP.

    And, yes, I've got a big smile on my face over the DeLay indictment. Let's make this count.

    By Blogger kid oakland, at 11:46 AM  

  • You're not the only one seeing conversation about gas prices around here. Yesterday, one of my co-workers, who commutes from Fremont to Milpitas, started a substantial discussion about fuel prices. Interestingly, a big chunk of it was about encouraging a third coworker who lives only about two miles from the office to walk to work (he refused).

    By Anonymous silence, at 12:05 PM  

  • Saw this today:

    CNN Money

    It's just the leading edge of the perfect economic storm that's brewing. Wait till heating oil prices hit this winter. Christmas won't be so merry.

    By Blogger NYBri, at 3:33 PM  

  • I'm sure she didn't mean to sound like...uh...we're just at war with the whole Arab world...indiscriminately.

    But isn't that, at the end of the day, what so many people feel? Wouldn't that explain a great deal about this country post 9/11?

    By Blogger kid oakland, at 5:16 PM  

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