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Friday, October 14, 2005

afternoon Fitzgerald update

Editor and Publisher has two great pieces up today on the NYT, Judith Miller and the Fitzgerald investigation: Joe Strupp has a fresh piece on the "silence of the op ed writers" and Greg Mitchell wrote an essay yesterday on Why Judith Miller Can't Catch a Break.

For my Fitzgerald fix, I've been checking three sources before I go anywhere else lately:

  • firedoglake
  • Swopa (who's got a must read piece on the three leaks here.)
  • and the inimitable Huffington Post

  • If you want timely updates from informed writers, these three've got 'em in spades.

    More stuff:

    You know what they say: The fourth try is always the charm!

    Obsessed about the Plame affair? Read this...from the NYT public editor Byron Calame.


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