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Monday, October 10, 2005

Fitzgerald / Plame resources

These 3 online resources are invaluable:

  • Think Progress' list of 21 figures involved in the Plame leak with photos and info points. Stellar, especially for those who find putting faces to names helpful and want a "quick view." (Could use an update, though.)
  • Emptywheel's Anatomy of a White House Smear Redux at the Next Hurrah. Thoughtful speculation, so yes, beware, but the best narrative I've read yet, worth the read, and, it's up to date!
  • Plame leak timeline from the dkosopedia. A work in progress that is worth it for both the links and putting things in a timeline context. Needs work. (I'm pitching in a bit myself, you should too; most of it is a labor of love by lestatdelc.)

  • Wiki searches are also useful. The article on Valerie Plame points to many other good articles. Please feel free to add your own links below.


    • A bunch of obvious links--sites I consult frequently for Fitzgerald/Plame news, links to news, speculation, and miscellaneous hubbub:

      Whatever Already
      The Next Hurrah
      David Corn
      Huffington Post
      Editor & Publisher

      They may be of interest to k/o readers who have not yet taken the plunge into full-on Plameology.

      And this is a handy collection of links etc.
      Perspectives Rove/Plame Scandal Library

      By Blogger &y, at 3:18 PM  

    • Thanks for the links Andy (and KO).

      By Blogger awol, at 5:08 PM  

    • re: Thanks &y!

      add: for Milller / NYT stuff try the New York Observer.

      For press stuff: try Jay Rosen and Tom Maguire.

      (Yes, &y, I'm cribbing off Arianna...lol...I'd never clicked on the Observer.)

      By Blogger kid oakland, at 5:28 PM  

    • KO, thanks for gathering these links. i've quickly come to count on your blog for Miller/Plame news and informed speculation, since there is so much that is puzzling and unanswered here. Please, please stay on the case.

      By Blogger girlinthelockerroom, at 5:34 PM  

    • Apropos of little except generic bloggeristic rage, while doing the dishes tonight I found myself musing on Al Gore and the whole "no controlling legal authority" scandal back in 1997. What was that about--calling donors on his office phone or something? And this was Charles Krauthammer's response to that earthshattering crime back then:

      "But this week, too, the Clinton scandals finally reach critical mass. The reason is simple: volume. There are so many of them, coming from every direction. News of Gore's lawbreaking comes days before news that the first lady's chief of staff took a $50,000 campaign contribution in the White House from a California "hustler" (the National Security Council's word) looking for "access."

      This comes just days after the Lincoln Bedroom list, the selling by a tenant of what most Americans regard as their common patrimony. At the same time, the Commerce Department announces new rules banning what the Clinton administration had been doing for four years – giving places on international trade missions to fat-cat Democratic donors.

      Meanwhile, documents emerge showing that the mad INS rush to naturalize a million new Americans last year (resulting in hundreds, maybe thousands of criminals sliding through unchecked) was done under the pressure of a White House eager to produce new Democratic voters in time for Clinton's reelection....

      Is there anything Clinton and company have touched that they have not corrupted?

      On Oct. 13, 1996 – amid all this immigration, trade, Lincoln Bedroom, White House phone-calls sordidness – Al Gore went on national television and said this: "The ethical standards established in this White House have been the highest in the history of the White House. You have a tougher code of ethics, tougher requirements strictly abided by."

      And no controlling legal authority to contradict him.

      Comments from Krauthammer on the thermonuclear sleazestorm currently raining fallout across the GOP landscape? Zero.

      Yeah, yeah, I know. Duh. But still... Compare Krauthammer's "scandalous" litany to the shit we're dealing with right now. It is to laugh. Then scream.

      By Blogger wg, at 6:22 PM  

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