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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Jay Rosen and Jane Hamsher

Jay Rosen has written a stunning post tonight. It's called The Shimmer: Missing Data at the New York Times. It's a must read. History written with pixels.

Rosen paints a picture of a New York Times paralysed by something...either too monstrous about itself, or too monstrous about the world...and now that world sits and waits for this idle giant to do something. In my view, though the cautious editors at the Times may feel that strategy or legality impedes making a bold statement of what they know at this point...(and Rosen indicates they know much more than they are telling.)...at some point it does become about the simple fact that they owe their readers the timely truth. That is, after all, the definition of the news.

Leave it to Jane Hamsher to find the right turn of phrase...a "bodice ripper"...same links as the above post, but with that ineluctable firedoglake je ne sais quoi.

(Vis a vis concerns that Fitzgerald, per these new leaks, may be learning things alongside the rest of us: I doubt it. Any cat can catch a mouse, it takes a savvy cat to trap a rat like Rove. For myself, I'd like to know what brand of whiskey Fitzgerald drinks.)



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