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Monday, October 03, 2005

Jesse Jackson

Try this great Jesse Jackson speech. It's worth a visit. (thanks to MatthewC)

" When we attack the earth, the earth to protect itself fights back. It has its own sense of survival as a kind of cosmic organism. So with our greed we unleash these carbons and carcinogens in the air, and we attack the shield, the ozone layer. And the sun comes in more directly and melts the glaciers. When they are melted, the water table rises, the water temperature rises, then there's evaporation, then there's condensation and then wind. It ain't that complicated. It's called global warming.

So we attack the earth, and the earth fights back. It makes so much more sense to invest in massive public transportation than private greed. Amtrak makes more sense than Hummers to move the American public. (Applause and cheers)

Why a Hummer between Chicago and St. Louis or Chicago and Milwaukee? Why a Hummer between Greenville, South Carolina, and Atlanta and/or Charlotte when you could have first class, safe, energy efficient public transportation. In some sense, you not only get us there safer and quicker, but you also protect us from a struggle with the earth, a struggle that we cannot win."

-Sept. 20, 2005 to the Transport Workers Union of America


  • Such a simple, obvious point. I would add that it's much nicer to read, write, or catch up on sleep while someone else does the driving in a much safer way. Every time I hear the traffic report in Atlanta--there are injury crashes every day--I feel angry because it's highway fatality by design. Atlanta's highways were designed to ghettoize, and that racist intent has, justly also NOT benefitted the northern white suburbs. Everyone sits in traffic. Everyone gets little sleep partly because of the long commute, everyone's stress levels go up because of the entirely unproductive activity of driving, and a steady number of people are killed or permanently injured in crashes. Of course, those less well off probably still suffer the most because their cars aren't as safe, they work longer hours, and the gas prices hit them hardest.

    By Blogger Myshkin, at 5:47 AM  

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