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Friday, October 07, 2005

morning coffee: studs, monk and 'trane

  • Teach for America is Fifteen today. Next time they tell you that Generation X and Y are a bunch of disaffected 'my space' slackers, tell 'em they haven't been paying attention.
  • Studs Terkel is a national treasure. And, yep, at 93 he's got a new book out on music and musicians. Studs, we love ya!
  • Speaking of musicians, this NPR Story on the discovery of a new Monk / Coltrane recording sends chills and shivers of expectation to jazz lovers the world over. Monk and Coltrane's work together was something special and the glimpses we've had of what their collaboration sounded like...makes this discovery an event.

    I'm out of the office today...feel free to use this post as an open thread.

    If there's news and links you think are imporatant and want to share....go right ahead!

    {Something tells me that we'll all want to read today's version of ABC's The Note.}


    • Can't read The Note anymore. Makes me ill. I'm convinced it's part of a Cunning Plan to persuade otherwise passionately engaged citizens to give up entirely on caring about politics. I find reading that thing an even more depressing testament to the woeful state of the body politic than going to more straightforwardly repulsive places like LGF or NRO. At least those folks give a damn about something besides the vapid proximity to power. The Notepeople remind me of the staff of eunuchs who hover round Pu Yi in "The Last Emperor," bustling and backbiting and sniffing deep from the contents of the little Emperor's chamberpot and debating the aesthetics of its aroma while there's bloody rebellion and famine raging outside the walls of the Forbidden City. Fittingly, when they are finally driven from the City, the eunuchs are yielded back the mummified remnants of their anatomy whose removal had rendered them so docile and which the Palace had kept in storage in tiny little lacquered boxes. There's a metaphor in there somewhere...

      By Blogger wg, at 2:18 PM  

    • kid oakland,

      since this is an open thread, I am going to take some liberties and post this here.

      I don't know if html tags work here, but I'll try.

      I put up this diary at MLW about a documentary project that is just beginning.

      I am hopeful that you will become involved in some manner, if nothing else we would certainly appreciate an interview.

      Any level of involvement you would offer would be great.

      beagleandtabby at gmail dot com

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:38 PM  

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