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Thursday, October 20, 2005

only in San Francisco

I hopped on BART at Embarcadaro today...and while squeezed like a sardine riding under the Bay I overheard this guy talking about travelling light with a buddy. Basically, to illustrate his point he held up this tiny bag with all these really useful things that was about the size of a sandwich. He'd travelled to remote places and mountains and had people with much heavier luggage asking him for stuff. Pretty cool concept.

Halfway through the transbay tube, this gadget guy started talking about his blog...escapemyhead.com, and how it had this nifty traffic of, like, up to 40,000 visits a month. Whereupon his buddy asked about the difference between unique visitors and just plain hits...and I just started laughing out loud at the ironies. (And, yeah, I admit, I did the math...and realized that this guy's blog is more popular than k/o....blog envy under the bay.)

Only in the Bay Area does this stuff happen on a regular basis. Of course I pipped up that I was a blogger too; and half expected the person next to me to fess up to the same.

Pretty funny.

And, yeah, that's a lot of unique visitors per month.


  • This is way off-topic, but couldn't find your email address (yes, I'm tired, so if it's posted, I'm sorry).

    Bunch of us from the Bay Area are getting together next Thursday, so I'm running around trying to invite those that may not be aware of the group and see if they wish to drop by as well --- all the info is here:


    By Blogger Angie, at 12:10 AM  

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