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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Wendell Gee: Gang of Four

Wendell Gee at Cartel of Defiance has a cool post up on British punk band Gang of Four. Currently touring the U.S. of A.

Reader "T" sent me some music from the label Cryptogramophone. Some of the artists on the label, like Jenny Scheinman are on the more quiet and reflective tip, others are on the aurally brash and challenging side of things. On that note, I find myself coming back to Nels Cline's stuff....which brings back memories of seeing Fred Frith's Death Ambient at a show called "Rock in a Hard Place" a while back. (You can hear samples of Nels at the Cryptogramophone website or his own spot.)

Rounding out tonight's musical mission is another CD that came my way, the Jane Does, who make me think of what might have happened if Greg Dulli had decided to lighten up on the depression and funk it up just a notch. If you go to their press site and hit the audio button try "you bring the Devil" and the more pop/soul..."sad again." The guy can sing.


  • Hey Kid O - glad you liked the Cryptogramophone tunes and The Jane Doe's! Some more Nels on the way, just cuz. Best, Tyler

    By Anonymous "T", at 6:02 PM  

  • Everybody is in too many pieces
    No-man's-land surrounds our desires
    To crack the shell we mix with others
    Some lie in the arms of lovers

    The city is the place to be
    With no money you go crazy
    I need an occupation!
    You have to pay for satisfaction

    We live as we dream, alone
    To crack the shell we mix with others
    Some flirt with fascism
    Some lie in the arms of lovers

    We live as we dream, alone...

    Man and woman need to work
    It helps us define ourselves
    We were not born in isolation
    But sometimes it seems that way

    We live as we dream, alone...
    The space between our work and its product
    Some fall into fatalism
    As if it started this way

    We live as we dream, alone...

    --Gang of Four, "We Live As We Dream, Alone" (1982)

    By Blogger wg, at 8:14 PM  

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