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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

hasta la vista Baby!!

Back from my ritual BART GOTV....

I've given up evaluating anything based on Alameda County because...well, we're just not typical of the State, and the heartbreak of 2000, 2003 and 2004 is still fresh. But it was a fun GOTV day...lots of thumbs up to my "Say NO to Arnold" sign..plenty of folks making mental notes how to vote.

I talked to Matt, of Say NO to Pombo, doing his precinct walk in Berkeley and he was upbeat, and doing a third go round. (Students are a hard lot to corral...) Anybody with any news or commentary is welcome to comment and update.

This graph is what all of us Californians are following tonight...with a close eye on 73,74 and 75. And the returns from Los Angeles. Here's what's been called so far:

80: NO
79: NO
78: NO
77: NO
76: NO

And, yes, good news from VA, from NJ and MN! Typhoid Dubya?...awesome, Jane! (via firedoglake)


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