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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Ah. Work.

Left home today at 6:15 AM, got home tonight at 7:00PM. My job isn't like most people's jobs...it varies. But in one respect, what I do is singular.

Many of you will see the results of one or the other of my day's work, or, since I'm most often a crew member, the part I played in it. It's weird to think how many of the images I've worked on that any individual reading this might have seen. (I've done photography long enough...that you're almost guaranteed to have seen something I've worked on...that sounds like an idle boast...but I've picked up issues of a major magazine, or driven down a freeway with billboards..and seen multiple images I've worked on....so, yes, you've seen something.)

Hell, in all likelihood you have seen images that I've worked on but haven't seen myself...images for which I loaded the film, or set the light, or scouted the ad, or shot the catalog. That's kind of weird, but par for the course in the photo business. Today was no different.

At any rate, I'm about to revamp my own work online. Here's a sample of the soon to be changed site.

Of course, if you hadn't already, now you've seen my work...laugh out loud.


  • Nice work, Kid. The people are all real, if that makes any sense. Particular favorites: Person reading with hot dog, Skateboardless guy standing at intersection (wearing my glasses), Women cheek-to-cheek, I mean business, and Guy on one side of the train tracks.

    It's weird to think how many of the images I've worked on that any individual reading this might have seen.

    I got this sort of feeling once--on a vastly smaller scale--when I spotted someone making notes on the journal article I'd written just after college. The idea that strangers around the world might be studying closely the thoughts that came out of my head was, well, bizarre.

    We're all in this together.

    By Blogger &y, at 7:53 AM  

  • Excellent work K.O. I should have guessed you would be more than just a talented writer, however, due to your writing skills I just expected you to be a writer. That is some excellent photography, although you already figured that out...lol. Now I am only ledt to wonder why more of your diaries/blogs don't have more images to go with them. ;)

    By Anonymous Alumbrados, at 9:50 AM  

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