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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Matt Yglesias makes a great point at Talking Points Memo:

...the entire concept of farming government out work to private firms is a more-or-less open invitation to corruption. There are instances when contracting is the only reasonable solution. But for some years now -- predating Bush, predating the DeLay era -- all the pressure has always been to privatize more and more government functions. The theory is that the private sector is more efficient than the public sector, so contracting functions out to private firms should save money. The reality has had a lot more to do with union-busting, machine-building, and "honest graft" than money saved or improved efficiency.

This is a conversation we have to have in 2006. They said we were "out-sourcing" in order to save money, reduce the deficit and spend our tax dollars with accountabilty.

That did not happen.

I'd love to think there's a few honest conservatives out there who are ashamed of DeLay, Blunt, Abramoff, Cunningham, Ney, Reed, Frist, and Norquist. I'd strongly advise them to consider jumping ship.

As it stands, reforming government will fall on the shoulders of those outside the current Republican Party leadership. In my view, the GOP has made a pretty huge mistake thinking they could just screw over the Democrats and no one would care. This nation's politics are deeper than that.

The only way to root this corruption out is for a movement that is broader than mere partisanship....a movement of taxpayers and citizens.

On this topic billmon had a great post....read it here if you haven't.


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