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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

democracy bonds

Blogger katiebird, who writes on diet and health issues eat4today had a great comment in the Casey thread yesterday that summed up Democracy Bonds.

I haven't written about them yet, so I thought I'd just post her comment here for everyone:

Kid Oakland -- I like your idea of sending money for targeted campaigns. But, I'm giving the Democracy Bond idea a chance for my out-of-state contributions. I really like the idea of the DNC putting year-round staff in every state (they're already in every state -- now they're going to hire even more).
They are hiring local people to build the party at the local level. I think it's a fantastic idea. These people will be recruiting candidates for all levels of offices.

The idea is that if 1 million people will contribute an average of $20 a month -- that's $20 million a month, and wow! Think of the organizing they can do -- for the campaigns you mention and campaigns against every Republican Senator, even in states like Kansas (where I am).

There are a lot of measurments of whether any particular Democratic strategy idea is on target or not, but I have a pretty simple one:

Will this scare the shit out of Karl Rove?

Or at least give him a major headache....

With Democracy Bonds the answer is clear: yes on both.

Let's use netroots grassroots money to build the party from the ground floor up in a way that pays off again and again...not just in one time contests...but for party building on a nationwide level. That has always been the best of Dr. Dean's ideas.

We owe it to our peeps to fight in every state.


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