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Friday, January 06, 2006

Representative Jon Porter, NV-03

Let's take a look at this guy.

  • Jon Porter is not above taking dirty money. (That goes with GOP territory.)
  • Jon Porter is no friend of labor
  • But Congressman John Porter sure loves big companies.
  • Find Health Care unaffordable?....Jon Porter is not the man to ask for help.
  • Jon Porter is certainly a friend of Tom Delay
  • And Porter has been quite happy to associate his campaign with Vice President Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration, in fact the Vice President just did another fundraiser for Porter last October.

  • If you're looking for online articles written in opposition to Jon Porter: try the Las Vegas Gleaner (link to DeLay piece)....and occaisionally Vote Gibbons Out and Steve Sibelius cover the Porter race.

    As for possible credible Porter opponents, this news is about all I can find. Nancy Saitta is a District Court Judge in NV-03. Politics1 lists her as a candidate the DCCC does not. (As a side note, it would be great to know if Politics1 simply is following new articles or actually has proof she is running...this seems to happen alot...does anyone know the answer?)

    Jon Porter's district is classified by Joshua Grossman as a "toss-up" district. It was designed to send a Republican to Congress...but Nevada demographics have meant that the voters underlying the district have trended slightly towards the Democrats since it was drawn. John Kerry, in fact, split the vote with George Bush in NV-03.

    If we really want to win a majority in DC, representatives like Jon Porter will have to get voted out, and districts like NV-03 will have to see the Democrats run credible candidates with good funding and solid grass roots support.

    For all the talk on the netroots about making change....if we don't pay attention to this stuff, then we'll get more of the same in 2006. There should be more coverage of Porter, more stories, more opposition blogging, more opposition research.

    Jon Porter is a cog in the GOP House machine from a district that is by no means safe GOP. He deserves some real opposition. Let's give him some.


    • additionally, making a run at porter will drive up the statewide numbers for the senate and governor races.

      By Anonymous wu ming, at 12:51 AM  

    • k/o -- according to Our Congress a businessman named Barry Michaels is running for this seat. He has a lot to say there and at his website.

      The demographics of that area are promising -- agree this is one to work on.

      By Blogger janinsanfran, at 11:10 AM  

    • Guess I should add, if anyone follows those links above, that I worked last year on a campaign in which the Republican was a convicted felon who insisted he had mended his ways -- and the guy beat our guy. This sometime works.

      By Blogger janinsanfran, at 12:18 PM  

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