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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the Cleveland Two-Step

Robert Sheer has a fine web-only piece up in the Nation, documenting how Bush's response to an elderly gentleman's question about the three disproven rationales for the US going to war in Iraq: WMD, al Qaeda ties, and a burgeoning quest to procure nuclear materials in Africa....have all pretty much bit the dust while we continue this war.

To put it simply, Bush's "answer" just dances around the question and his own lies. If the "funky-chicken" wasn't already taken I'd say we call Bush's Q&A dance just that....I'll guess we'll have to settle for the "Cleveland Two Step". Read the piece, you'll see.

Of course, add to that how we've learned that Bush believes withdrawal from Iraq is a question that will be settled by "future presidents" and Bush looks funkier by the second.

Hmm. The president just telescoped the whole concept of a second term: get reelected, fail at every single thing you do in your first year of your second term....and then start talking about your legacy and "future presidents" to start year two.

I can't believe he gets away with putting horse manure like that on the barbeque.

This president may find a way to crack the 20's yet.


  • by the time he's done, nobody will have ever voted for him, in either election.

    By Anonymous wu ming, at 10:23 PM  

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