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Friday, June 02, 2006

Vote for Debra Bowen: CA Secretary of State

Any Californian concerned about privacy, election reform and good government should make sure to vote for Debra Bowen for CA Secretary of State on June 6th.

Here's a link to Bowen's website and, from the SF Chronicle:

As chair of the Senate Elections Committee, Bowen has been a determined advocate of bringing more transparency to the political process -- such as getting lobbying expenses online in a more accessibly way -- and installing more rigorous standards on the use of electronic voting equipment. She has done her homework on technological issues and is ready to make the case that California needs a more aggressive secretary of state to restore public confidence in the electoral process.

Put Bowen in office in CA and you've got someone who understands election reform in a position where she can have a profound effect on it. In my view, that's a necessary complement to the hard work SO MANY local activists have done here in CA running for Party and County offices.

(It's also not a bad idea getting someone in statewide office in CA who understands the whole breadth of privacy and sunshine issues. That's a good investment.)


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