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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zidane, Zidane, Zidane...ugh...

I thought France played the game they had to play to beat Italy. I was never very optimistic that they would win...but I was thrilled to see how much skill and pluck the French team showed the whole way through...in the second half and into the overtimes, they played like a team that deserved to win...missing only the finish that would bring victory...

However, we can't not talk about it...after scoring another great penalty and burning the image, the world over, of an old man young enough to scorch a header on goal...Zinedine Zidane snapped.

That head butt was shameful. It was "thought out." It was onscreen when hundreds of millions of kids could watch it.

No matter what the Italian said or did, that kind of premeditated foul is...foul. Hell, even, let's say that Materazzi used some truly wicked insult...using violence to respond to that insult only gives power to the insulter, power to the abuser.

Clear red card. Moment of extreme drama. For us fans of Zidane, a moment of truth.

Soccer, at once a sport with real problems in the "outcome" department...once again proves that it can't be beat in the spectacle department.

Zidane le fou. A new french myth born and reforged before a billion eyes.

My thoughts are for his teammates. They did all they could to deliver the win.

Had they won, nothing they would have done could have redeemed the disgrace.

Only Zidane can do that.

It will be his choice. Perhaps the shy man will overcome one last challenge, and apologize.



  • Yeah he must be kicking himself right now. I just hope one of the two involved will give an explanation as to what happened. Curious people like me want to know.

    By Blogger Angie, at 6:35 PM  

  • Zidane is not a model, he is not a god.

    He is a hero, a pure romantic hero, with his brilliance and his flaws.

    It was his last game, what a romantic drama ...

    Here is a man who prefers defend his family's honour instead taking the most glorious sport trophy, His values are over the derision of a simple game.

    It wasn't a game action where Materacist broke him and Zidane headbutt him, no. It was a scene where a man faces another man who hurts him with an insult which becomes a hurt over any law in his mind then he reacted as a man hurt in his honour and headbutted him.

    Someone said when you review the scene, at the moment when Zidane just begins to rush to Materacist, if you could stop virtually the scene and say to Zidane "Hey stop, if you do that you will lose everything and the cup !!!" Zidane should have taken one step more to rush and headbutt Materacist.

    Zidane is a romantic hero and this is why he is a legend for ever.

    Medias said what he's done is shameful, not an example for kids, I say that Zidane is not to be an example, yes he deserves the red card, but you don't have to give education to a kid in front of the TV or do explain the drama in its whole depth, Zidane is just a man with values which go beyond the simple laws of a game.
    FIFA banners on the pitch with "Stop Racism" are a farce.

    Zidane's mother is seriously ill and was driven to the hospital in the morning of the final game.
    According to BBC, Materazzi said:
    "Your mother is a whore and I wish her an ugly death"

    By Blogger Mandrake The Magician, at 4:09 PM  

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