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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Arnold Schwarzenegger: still wrong for California's working families

In case California Democrats needed reminding...and from what I've heard about town the last three days, we really do...medleysoul has a great post at MyDD entitled: "Arnold's Pension Plans and Heartless Vetoes." Medley documents how Arnold's fundamental start point is anti-corporate reform. (Translation: screw the little guy.)

Think Arnold has changed his spots? Think again. This guy is in so deep with corporate interests and Grover Norquist it's not even funny. Despite that, some California Democrats seem to have taken their eye off the ball. These folks think that they have nothing to lose by "dissappearing" from the CA gubernatorial battle.

The problem with that mindset is that Arnold is just as bad for working Californians in 2006 as he ever was. That fact is not going to change between now and election day. That fact won't change in the four years following election day, either. Any calcluating and conniving CA Democrat doing the political math and thinking of sitting this gubernatorial race out should realize:

Arnold stinks. He's bad for our people and bad for our state.

Arnold's lies and spin affect every Democrat in every race, state-wide. In my view, when you sell Phil down the river, you are selling out our people, plain and simple. That point is not lost in the GOTV trenches and in the netroots where California Democrats will increasingly need to look for support in coming years. (The 2008 presidential election cycle is one future case in point.) And what's going on is not lost on the young voters whose energy helped Phil Angelides win the primary, either. It's shameful to watch Democratic leaders and organizations standing on the sidelines while Arnold primps and struts and pretends to be moderate without lifting a finger to help.

However, since that kind of thinking doesn't register with some of the connivers and jivers in the CA Democratic party...let me make my point another way. There is an anti-incumbent wave sweeping the nation, and no matter how it looks now, Arnold is not invulnerable to that wave. Not...in...the...least.

What if the CW on the California Governor's race turns out to be misguided?

I have a message for California movers and shakers who've failed to visibly and substantively get behind Phil Angelides and oppose the Governator: you may think that you have nothing to lose sitting this one out and letting Arnold bully his way around California politics for another four years. You're wrong.


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