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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BlogMorning! NC-11, PA-07, MN-01, OH-01, CO-07

It's Tuesday August 22nd, that much closer to Labor Day....when the whole tenor of this "election thing" will change immensely:

  • Every local blogger fighting a GOP incumbent should take a look at this piece from NC Blue. It's a rundown of the political significance of Congressional mailers and how franking works. NC Blue covers NC-11, a race where Jonathan Singer at MyDD writes " incumbent GOP Rep. Charles Taylor's attepts to paint Democratic challenger Heath Shuler as a "San Francisco liberal" allied with Nancy Pelosi have fallen on deaf ears."
  • Meanwhile, PA-7 Watch notes a fine WaPo article that spells out that Democrat Joe Sestak: "...has a message that resonates with voters dissatified and disenfranchised by Bush and the Republican controlled Congress. Sestak now has enough financial resources to reach the voters in the 7th district with his message."
  • Pesky blogger Evil Bobby follows up on the Gil Gutknecht wikipedia brouhaha with an important point: the content erased by Gutknecht's staff referred to his term-limits pledge which Gutknecht is breaking.
  • Ohio's First the blog covering Cincinnati Councilman Steve Cranley's run to unseat GOP Congressman Steve Chabot does has some positive poll news that I missed last week.
  • The folks at Square State have fresh polls showing a tight race for Ed Perlmutter in CO's open seat.
  • Meanwhile, do not miss Lynn Allen's excellent piece at Evergreen Politics called Transformational Candidates. It dovetails with my own writing on building a netroots wave. Great stuff. A must read.

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