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Sunday, August 20, 2006

blogswarms and blogvacuums

One thing that compiling the k/o list (see blogroll) has taught me is that there are locales where the local blogs are thriving...and other places where there are vacuums:

  • New Hampshire is rocking right now, with NH-02 Progressive, the Yankee Doodler and Blue Granite cooking up a storm of progressive blog goodness.
  • MN's blogswarm features blogs like MN Publius, Minvolved, and MN GOP watch...as well as local blogs that I mentioned yesterday covering MN-01, and the not to be missed Blanked Out.
  • Here in the West, check out Arizona where Blog for AZ, Maneegee and the the Lofty Donkey are shaking up business as GOP usual.
  • However...where's the local blog dedicated to electing Tammy Duckworth in IL-06? (Jeff at SoapBloxChicago has some answers.)
  • And who's keeping an eye on Clay Shaw in FL-22?

  • It's not that there aren't bloggers covering these races....but I'm not finding the local blogs dedicated to these races. There is plenty of potential for blogswarm energy in Illinois and Florida...but it takes interaction between regional blogs and local blogs. In some ways, it's easier for two or three blogs to support each other's efforts than for one blog to go it alone.

    That's something to think about as election season heats up.


    • k/o - In Washington State we have a very active Seattle-based blogging community but we are trying to find and mentor bloggers from other areas of the state. We have been doing this in Spokane to try to get local bloggers working for Peter Goldmark but we now see the need to do this in a concerted way in every area of the state for the 2008 races.

      And thanks for including Evergreen Politics in your sidebar. The larger regional blog, however, is www.nwportal.org. They are a portal that takes readers to about 200 blogs in WA, OR, ID, and AK.

      By Anonymous nudger, at 8:07 AM  

    • Check this one out, Kid: The People Choose 2006 (via The Left Coaster).

      In other news, I hereby apologize to you for the things I said behind your back while grocery shopping with my wife the other day. It was stuff like, "thanks to the relentless guilt-tripping of that bastard Kid Oakland," and "I hate it when smartasses like Kid Oakland are right about stuff," and "Kid Oakland's a jerk for tricking me into learning about our city government," etc.

      I'm sorry for what I said, Kid. You're not "a jerk" (or any of that mean stuff). And while I'm not likely to blog about any of it, I fear you've created a bit of a monster here in the 49th ward.

      By Blogger &y, at 9:24 AM  

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