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Friday, August 25, 2006

From the 'Roots: CO-04, IN-02, NH-02, FL-22

Here's a quick tour:

  • Blogger MusgraveMustGo notes this Richard Pombo / Marilyn Musgrave synergy (CO-04). As if you didn't dislike either of them enough alone.
  • My advice to House watchers: pay attention to Indiana. Incumbent rubber stamp Republican Chris Chocola (IN-02) has an attack ad up. Ultrageek has a state-wide rundown. The GOP is far more vulnerable in Indiana than the current netroots attention would imply.
  • Every post on the Yankee Doodler (NH-02) is worth reading today. Immigration, fear-mongering and a NH rundown.
  • Markos has rightly paid attention to FL-22, when will a local blogger emerge to take on Clay Shaw? Even Floridians aren't commenting much.

    • I got to meet Ron Klein through the Peninsula Young Democrats, when he was in the Bay Area for a fundraiser, and he's the real deal. I think he's got a real chance in FL-22 - great ideas, real down to earth, understands his district really well... My parents live in FL, although not in 22, and the issues he spoke to about home insurance (because of the hurricanes), social security, and health care were spot-on.

      By Anonymous Archana, at 5:11 PM  

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