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Monday, August 14, 2006

Get to know Ed Perlmutter (CO-07)

Colorado's 7th District is an open seat where, like so many districts in 2006, the future of the House of Representatives will be decided by local citizens deciding which candidate best represents their interests. On August 9th, the same day Ned Lamont won the much ballyhooed Connecticut Democratic Senatorial Primary, Ed Perlmutter defeated Peggy Lamm in the race to determine who would represent the Democrats in Colorado's 7th. Let's call it...a quiet storm.

It's worth taking this chance to get to know Ed Perlmutter. And the best way to do that...you guessed it...is to visit some local blogs.

  • Jeralyn Merrit, blogging for 5280.com's Elevated Voices blog is pretty damn incisive. (k/o sez read it!)
  • Go visit veteran blogger Amygdala's account of the race, and, please, someone leave a comment on that blog! It's official k/o policy to show love to the local blogs.
  • Meanwhile TakebacktheHouse at Square State.net covers a Democratic Unity event following the primary. CO has got blog!

  • It's August and a sleepy, 'on vacation' America is just beginning to wake up to the hard work ahead if we're going to make a sea change in our politics in 2006. Ed Perlmutter in CO-07 is a race to watch. You can bookmark that!


    • Speaking of showing love, thanks for showing some high-powered K/O love to Ed...and CD-7...and CO.

      You know, you should join us at one of our Denver Drinking Liberally meetings...hint, hint!!

      By Anonymous Kath, at 11:19 AM  

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