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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the k/o list

The k/o list is a work in progress. You can find it in the sidebar to your right when you are viewing my home page.

(The k/o list is only visible on the home page of k/o...if you came to this piece through a direct link, you can see the k/o list now by clicking above or, for your convenience, I'll provide the home page link again at the end of this piece.)

The idea is simple. I'm going to break down the critical races in this country where Democrats are fighting vulnerable GOP incumbents and for each race I will:

  • identify one local blog that covers that race relentlessly
  • provide links to google and technorati searches for that race
  • provide a link to the dailykos TAG for that race
  • provide links to the Campaign website and an ACTBlue page when possible.

  • Now, the Blogspot sidebar is notoriously picky. If this proves impossible to pull off or slows the site to a trickle, I'll have to change tactics. However, between now and election day, I'm dedicating this blog to local bloggers...and in particular, the folks in the districts who are writing about their races day in and day out. I'd like the sidebar to reflect that fact.

    There's two elements here that require judgment.

    First, the races. I'm choosing the races based on the best knowledge and demographics available to me. I know there are some folks dedicated to races that are VERY uphill battles. I hear you and, where I can, I will link to you. But politics is about making choices, and for me that means choosing races where we have, and continue to have, a reasonable chance at winning...ie. defeating a GOP incumbent. If it's hopeless...or a battle that is based more on supporting ideology and "example" than pragmatics...I'm not including it on my list this year. Trust me, there will be plenty of races to read about and follow even given the above standard. My goal is to feature at least sixty races.

    Second, the blogs. Here's a reality about local blogs. Where there's lots of Democrats, there are lots of blogs. Where there are fewer Democrats, there are fewer blogs and fewer choices. Where we are out to defeat GOP incumbents, quite often, there isn't a highly develped netroots. That being said, my first, and overriding standard is how a blog I link on the k/o list is covering the race. In particular, I like to see well-written articles critical of a GOP incumbent...and a steady stream of commentary that shows follow through and an eye for critical reporting. Blogs that seem to come straight from the Dem campaign are a bit less interesting to readers.

    Blogs that stop covering a race will be exchanged for blogs that do if necessary. That's also a reality of local blogs. I'm out to provide readers of k/o with the best possible info and links. That's my priority. Please remember, I'm out to support you and welcome your emails (kidoaklandactivism"at"comast"dot"net) when you have written something new, regardless of whether you are listed as the point blog for a race or not. (The last thing I want to create is hard feelings or resentment. We need to save that for the Republicans.) Wherever I can, I will help local blogs dedicated to kicking vulnerable Republicans in the races I'm focused on out of office. I intend to cover and link to many local blogs frequently in the next three months. You can count on that.

    There are, however, other characteristics I look for in choosing a local blog to feature for a race. First, does it link to other local blogs? This is critical. I'm not a big fan of blogs that don't try to link to allies who are covering the same territory. I'd hope blogs I link to would try to provide as many links as possible to other local blogs so that their readers can learn about the entire netroots resource in their district. Second, I think a local blogger should have an email account listed somehwere on their site. I know that many folks value anonymity. I would point out that email can be anonymous. But bloggers should be reachable. If I can't reach you, that means the press can't reach, and either campaign can't reach you either. Availability is something to strive for and lends credibilty to your blogging. I reserve the right to prefer blogs that serve this connector/availablilty function.

    Finally, I'm linking extensively to national and regional blogs. First, by providing a link to the dailykos Tags for each race. Second, by creating a whole new section of blog links focused on regional and broader connector blogs. If there's a regional blog connected to a race, I will try to provide a "key code" link to that blog too...one more code for the k/o list.

    All in all, the k/o list may turn into a resource for folks interested in 2006 politics and local blogging. To tell you the truth, I intend that it will be my "yellow pages" for covering the story of the local blogs as the election process unfolds in 2006. If you find it useful, you'll see that I've been using it.

    I firmly believe that the undercovered blogs and races deserve someplace to get some attention in 2006 and I am opening up my blog to that function. It just happens that I was interested and had the platform. This list will take some time to build the right way. I have no intention of just slapping up whatever. I hope you enjoy this project as it unfolds.

    (Link to home page of k/o, where you can see the k/o list.)


    • dump doolittle at http://solongjohn.blogspot.com/ are a good local blog in the CA-04 race between abramoff buddy john doolittle and retired lt. col. charles brown, up in the north sierra foothills.

      nothing that i could find for CA-03 lungren - durston race or the CA-02 herger - falzett race.

      By Anonymous wu ming, at 4:29 PM  

    • this kicks some serious tail, k/o. I would maybe change the Kos tag in the CA-GOV race to "Phil Angelides," I think more results would come off of that tag.

      By Blogger dday, at 6:24 PM  

    • Good post on Blogging 2.0. State-based blogs are going to be the new frontier for campaiging/organizing in 2008.

      I run a site in South Carolina called The LaurinLine and average about 1500 unique visitors/day Monday-Thursday. Right now, it's technically 2 sites, as I'm transitioning from Wordpress to SoapBlox, a la RaisingKaine. Old site: www.laurinmanning.com/blog. New site: www.laurinline.com.

      Keep up the good work. -Laurin

      By Blogger Laurin Manning, at 8:06 PM  

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