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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

local blog goodness: up early and open late

Here's the latest servings at the k/o local blog diner: representing AZ, NV-Sen, NV-03, MN, IN-02, NH-02, VA, WA-05.

  • Blog for Arizona, where primary season is still on, writes a really interesting article about Single Shot District Candidates. (This is a great article for those who like the nitty gritty of local strategy.)
  • The Las Vegas Gleaner attends a Unity Day Event in Nevada and finds not enough of that "unity stuff." This is the strength of local blogs; they cover events...they provide constructive criticism from the netroots in real time...not in some bar two days after the election crying in a pitcher of beer. Here's a quote:
    Democrats don't need to have a silver-bullet solution -- or even agree among themselves -- to hammer the Republicans on Iraq. Democrats might start by giving the public something completely new with regard to Iraq policy, the truth...

  • MN Publius, shows local blog power by breaking news on how two local Republican State legislators, have, violated Ethics Rules.
  • Cass County Indiana Dems track this local news article on how the Immigration Debate. Read it to see where IN-02 Democratic challenger Joe Donnelly stands...and how immigration is playing in the heartland. Eye-opening.
  • Local New Hampshire blogger keener covers the censorship of MoveOn ads at a local New Hampshire political TV station. Get ready for more stories like this from the front lines.
  • The Virginia Beach Dems have got a new way to reach their local citizens...their blog announces an E-Newsletter. Now, you may say, big whup. But one of the reasons people most consistently give for refusing to get involved in politics is that "No one ever contacted me. No one reached out." One local VA Central Committee has a blog and a newsletter: a trend to be emulated.
  • Gibney at Washblog has got a visual metaphor for Democrat Peter Goldmark's race against Cathy McMorris in WA-05.

    • Holy crap, k/o, you are one busy reader.

      If we ever get back control of this country, you could probably get a career as the second coming of Evelyn Wood.

      Thanks for the link!

      By Blogger Keener, at 8:01 AM  

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