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Friday, August 18, 2006

tour de blog: MN-01, NH-02, OH-12, NJ-07, CA-11

Oh what a beautiful morning, to read some blogs...

  • A Bluestem Praire reports on how the local press is tracking GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht's Wikipedia troubles.
  • Paul Hodes, Democrat running to unseat Charlie Bass in NH-02 has been getting good press lately...(I guess everyone's anonymous in the Granite State.)
  • Bob Shamansky, Democratic candidate in OH-12, headlines a diary on dailykos, "They can buy their own damned lunch."
  • Ohio06Win keeps track of Deborah Pryce's record on Social Security.
  • Dump Mike, the blog dedicated to dumping GOP Congressman Mike Ferguson, NJ-07 notes that Democratic challenger Lisa Stender won't take false attack ads lightly.
  • Have you Said No to Pombo lately? Babaloo always has a fresh post. Today there's an action item for us Californians.

    • I posted a link for the SNtoP crew.

      I can feel the change a'comin'....

      By Blogger Ripley, at 7:47 PM  

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