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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Who are you calling a Californian?

Lowell at the Raising Kaine blog has a great post pointing up this little bit of hypocrisy from the Virginia Senate race.

George Allen, GOP Senator from Virginia, likes to talk about his Democratic challenger, Jim Webb's "California ties" and "Hollywood connections"...I guess that means something pretty bad, huhn? Let's see, after serving the United States as a decorated infantry officer in the Viet Nam war Jim Webb served as Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy in the administration of that "notorious" Californian and Hollywood employee, President Ronald Reagan

In the context of the Virginia Senate race in 2006, California is now a bad word. Hardly a surprise. For Senator Allen, slurs and innuendo come easy, it seems.

Now, given the above, you'd think that when the folks at Raising Kaine searched the FEC Database for Allen's contributions there would be nary a California dime, right? Wrong.

Hey, there's nothing hypocritical about taking money from Californians and then bad mouthing the state at the same time, right? And, unlike George Allen's use/denial/apology for that ethnic slur, we Californians can cut Senator Allen some slack. After all, Senator Allen was born here...and graduated from Palos Verdes High School.

Now, for Californians upset about the way folks in this GOP Congress take our tax money, donations and technology and then attack our state in campaign after campaign, all the while propping up corporations like Enron that suck dollars from our senior citizens' bank accounts, there's an easy way to reply. Hell, even if you're not from California, but hypocrisy bothers you...it's a safe bet that Jim Webb will accept your dollars, too.


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