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Saturday, September 09, 2006


Just a few local blogs that fight back:

  • Horses Ass reports that Darcy Burner Dem WA-08 is raising hella money in Washington State...
  • Ohio's FIRST reveals that Dem Steve Cranley is on FIRE, with a new website and fresh energy headed into the fall campaign season
  • Ohio Fifteenth takes a look at this Cook report rating that predicts that vulnerable GOP incumbent Deborah Pryce will have her hands full with Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy in central Ohio.
  • Well, looks like "archive scrubber" Brodkorb's got his hands full with MN bloggers for now...
  • ...and the Defenders of Wildlife are kicking up some dust in Pombo's district...
  • Pacified at Square State isn't taking biased polls lying down.
  • I guess Curt Weldon GOP in PA-07 really did say "we either fight them over there or in our supermarkets" to justify his support for Donald Rumsfeld. Curt Weldon, a Bush apologist...who knew?
  • Looks like TN Republican Senatorial candidate Bob Corker is a Debate Dodger...wonder why?


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