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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

blog toronado

Sweeping through blogistan:

  • Blue Jersey has two great, must read posts about the GOP Kean campaign astroturfing their blog: Astroturf 1 and Astroturf 2. If you're looking for evidence of the significance of local blogs...how about being directly attacked by opposing campaigns???
  • Ampersand at Creative Destruction has a really carefully thought-out run-down analyzing the mindsets behind the Clinton lunch. (Not a title I would have chosen however, there's been enough of that already.)
  • Lynn Allen has an update from WA State while N in Seattle previews a new form of campaign ad: crop art!
  • MN Publius has a good post on how the GOP attempted to vilify a Muslim Democrat running for Congress in Minnesota by associating him with...a man the GOP themselves embrace.
  • There's good news from Virginia in Jim Webb's fight to unseat George Allen. And the fact that the the Sierra Club is now on board helps.

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