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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

GOP hypocrisy round up: mendacity overload

Our tour of GOP hypocrisies large and small starts in the state of Nevada, detours through Colorado (CO-06) on the way to West Virginia, takes the Abramoff cesspool head-on, gets a taste of New Jersey medacity (NJ-07) and flips the meme and winds up with the story of Democratic lack of action in support of Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Mendacity overload:

  • GOP Candidate for Nevada Governor seems to like holding other folks to standards he doesn't follow himself. Fresh hypocrisy brought to you by the Las Vegas Gleaner
  • Colorado's Tancredo Watch posted this almost a month ago...but double standards don't get much more galling than this.
  • Carnacki at the W. Virginia Grassroots blog points up this aspect of Bush family "niceties"...a nice analysis.
  • Dailykos diarist denegre has a great round up of that cesspool of GOP scandal that goes by the name the Abramoff 64
  • New Jersey blogger Dump Mike forwards this piece of outrage from NJ-07, where GOP Congressman votes himself a pay raise while he has a problem with raising the national minimum wage...currently $5.15 and hour
  • ...and finally a piece of our own hypocrisy: where is the netroots support for Claire McCaskill? Where are the bloggers? This lonely diary expressing concern about this race from dailykos is that last thing Tagged about this race. (I lied, here's something from last weekend...and here's a host of posts located at that better Tag.) But Google blog Search is a cesspool of GOP attack blogs targeting McCaskill. Claire McCaskill needs every ounce of netroots love she can get; too much hype and an obsession for the hot story strikes again. Outrage peddling is so 2004...somebody on our side should start covering this race before the sharks move in for the kill...

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