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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Green Warrior needs Blogs Badly...

The tour de local blogs this Saturday starts in Colorado, (CO-07), visits Minnesota (MN-01), does due diligence in New Jersey (NJ-07) and finishes with a taste of Kentucky (KY-03, KY-04).

  • If you didn't think that this election season was going to represent a politics of contrast, check out this great post by CO Democrat on a Colorado Republican plan to draft male high school students into the Border Patrol.
    Democratic candidate for the 7th Congressional District, Ed Perlmutter, denounced his opponent, Rick O’Donnell’s proposal to “help boys successfully become men of character” by drafting all teenage boys in their final semester of high school to serve as border patrol agents.
  • Ollie Ox at A Blue Stem Prairie continues to prove that national level coverage of local races and issues is not the sole domain of "big blogs." That piece has it all: national analysis, engagement with local press and news, and links to fellow local blogs. Kudos.
  • The excellent blog covering NJ-07, Dump Mike, notes how Linda Stender is using Stem Cells to draw a contrast with vulnerable GOP Congressman Mike Ferguson.
  • Like me, you may have missed this week-old bit from the KY Blue Grass Report. The point? This is a national campaign to take Congress back. Every state has something going on. KY-04 and KY-03 are important races!

  • Meanwhile, here in Oakland, my labor day project is to expand the k/o list. And continue to do outreach to local blogs. (And, yes, the title above is a really bad Gauntlet reference.)



    • Hey k/o, can you include Take Back Cincinnati in your next local blog listing? We're progressive and in need of a decent audience that you are collecting:


      By Anonymous RGBlogging, at 3:46 PM  

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