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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Local blog sleuths axe GOP Congressional Aide

This fresh off the Washington Post: "House Aide Resigns over Fake Blog Posts"

A top aide to U.S. Rep. Charles Bass resigned Tuesday after disclosures that he posed as a supporter of the Republican's opponent in blog messages intended to convince people that the race was not competitive.

Operators of two liberal blogs traced the postings to the House of Representatives' computer server. Bass' office traced the messages to his policy director, Tad Furtado, and issued a statement announcing Furtado's resignation Tuesday.

And, yes, it was the sleuthing of Blogs United and Dailykos blogger Miss Laura of Blue Granite and Michael Caulfied of NH-02 Progressive (and Blogs United, but I'll let him say who he is on his own) that broke this story and uncovered Tad Furtado's astro-turf blogging from Bass's DC office.

Think local blogs don't matter? Think we aren't a part of the story this fall?

Think again. Hats off the intrepid NH bloggers. This is a big one.

Kudos to both of you!!


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