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Monday, September 04, 2006

More positive local press coverage of blogs

First it was Virginia, and next it was Montana...and now it's North Carolina, where the Charlotte Observer covers the local blogging of the Southern Dem, a local blogger whose writing covers the race to unseat GOP incumbent Robin Hayes in NC-08.

There's a pattern here, despite the awkward cluelessness of some political pundits (and the clear intention of the GOP 'talking points class' to brand local bloggers as "angry" this fall)...the local press is starting to get it. Local citizens who write about local politics are a positive force multiplier when it comes to generating interest in topics that local reporters cover. Local bloggers are very much a part of the story this fall, whether in Montana, Virginia or North Carolina, which is yet one more Southern state where there's more than one congressional race of interest this fall.

Update: Check out this effort to recruit local journalists fresh off the press from BlueJersey.net. This is the direction local blogging and activism is going: local citizen journalism. This effort in New Jersey is squarely in the tradition of John Peter Zenger and the colonial jury that, in acquiting him, established, from the very beginning, that freedom of the press was an essential component of American democracy. But more of that another time...



  • Thanks for the nod k/o. The picture in the print edition was better. It showed more of my poligeek collection of political mailers and bumper stickers that cover my walls. I'm really excited for Larry, because not only was the press really good for him this weekend it was negative for Hayes.

    Thank you for helping shine a light on our work in NC because that makes the spotlight brighter for Larry Kissell. Betsy Muse aka The Southern Dem

    By Blogger B. Muse, at 7:46 AM  

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