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Saturday, September 16, 2006

on the Blog Beat...Sat. AM edition

How about a quick tour of local blog action from NM-01, MN-01, NY-24 and KY-03?

  • New Mexico blog NM FBIHOP has a really nice run down of the culture of corruption angle. GOP Congresswoman Heather Wilson says her policy on taking dirty money like the $60,000 she raked in from Tom DeLay is just to "give it back." Sounds weak to me...but it turns out Heather Wilson is not even doing that.
  • Blue Stem Prairie highlights a clear choice facing Minnesota voters in MN-01. On the one hand there's GOP incumbent Gil Gutknecht who has invited his buddy Newt Gingrich to help him campaign for a promise-breaking, "chuck the Contract with America" out the window seventh term in Congress. On the other hand there's Democratic challenger Tim Walz who's appearing this weekend with Congressman John Murtha. Gutknecht/Gingrich versus Walz/Murtha. That's a clear contrast for Minnesotans come Novemeber on issues as diverse as the war in Iraq to fiscal responsibility to privatizing Social Security.
  • Local blogger Take Back the 24th in NY-24 expresses frustration with Democratic candidate Mike Arcuri. This kind of strong and critical local voice is, imo, important for districts and campaigns. BS and happy, happy doesn't cut it. Authentic, constructive criticism is what local blogging is about.
  • Bluegrass Report has interesting piece on Senator Obama's visit to Louisville. This is the kind of story that local blogs do well...and the battle in the comments is typcial of what happens when folks start paying attention to local politics. It's not always pretty, but it is democracy. And that's what citizen journalism is all about.


    • Mike Arcuri has turned out to be a major disaster for progressives. His dustup with the NAACP is just the latest in a long line of bumbling glitches.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:30 AM  

    • I agree. One of the great eliments of being a democrat is to fight Social Injustice.

      At my blog, we ouline dozens of examples of how Mike Arcuri is NOT to be trysted with the seat.

      He has absolutely no regard for minorites, and the tales of his violating other's rights are legion, and epic.

      So much for Mike being a real "Democrat".

      It's clear after watching this career DA screwup for 12 years, that he has zero regard for Social Injustice, thus, he's no real Democrat.

      Mike is one of those loathsome souls that will be whatever the voters want him to be.

      He'd claim to be a Nazi if he thought that that affiliation would get him to Congress.

      Im joking right? Look at his track record and tell me I'm joking.

      By Blogger NoMoreArcuri, at 10:47 PM  

    • I wouldn't take a single thing you say seriously nomorearcuri, seeing as you have four blogs spewing the SAME thing.

      That's an abuse of blogging.

      Seems to me like, whatever problems there are with Arcuri, that there's also some dubious blogging going on...

      By Blogger kid oakland, at 10:56 AM  

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