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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sunday Blog Roundup-a-thon

Today's blog news returns to Kentucky (KY-03), Ohio Buckeye country (OH-15), takes a peek at New Hampshire (NH-02) and finishes out West in New Mexico (NM-01). Let's not waste time:

  • Bluegrass Roots examines some recent polls in the Yarmuth v Northup race in KY-03. Read to the end for the on the ground assessment.
  • Ohio 15th lays out the local case against GOP incumbent Deborah Pryce in true Ohio style.
  • Speaking of local style, the Yankee Doodler continues to hone its laser focus on GOP incumbent Charlie Bass in NH-02 with a post-entitled: The Dog Ate My Iraq Accountability. My advice? Read it.
  • Out here in the West NMFBIHOP reports on the lastest polling for New Mexico, and what those polls mean from the local point of view.
  • Finally, be sure to keep fresh local blogs like...Take Back Cincinnati and Pete King Watch on your radar.

  • On a meta note, I have a piece up on MyDD right now called Fear of a Netroots Nation. Try it for my take on the disconnect between how insiders view local blogs and how we view ourselves.


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