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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the GOP vs. Moms with questions

At Blue Jersey local blogger JRB has an excellent piece documenting just how in bed with the GOP the press can be.

Marcia Kramer, journalist for CBS2 in New Jersey, apparently thinks that citizens assembling to ask questions of a candidate is a "dirty trick." Kramer thinks that a mother with a son in Iraq who wants to ask: "How long will our troops be in Iraq if there's a civil war?" of her GOP candidate is some kind of "sneaky stunt", and not a proper excercise of first amendment rights.

As JRB writes:

Let it be clear that Marcia Kramer and Tom Kean Jr's handlers (who fed this piece to her) think that ordinary citizens shouldn't have access to our Senate candidates. In their book, it is a dirty trick (their words, not mine) for the mothers of soldiers to get time with their candidate.

I guess a mom with a question IS a real problem for the GOP.

Kean is running for US Senate. He should be able to listen, and if needed, disagree with any one of his consituents. He should be able to state his plan for Iraq clearly to everyone. He certainly shouldn't have a handler brush off the mother of a soldier the way that was done.

Let me ask this, given what we've seen the last few years: when will the GOP stop vilifying moms with questions?

A party that repeatedly belittles and attacks moms with questions...and what else is the Mark Foley story about really...doesn't deserve to govern. Will it take the mother of one of the Congressional pages coming forward in public to make that point crystal clear? Any one paying attention to the Mark Foley story...the mom in the background of that IM, the parents in Louisiana alerting Congressman Alexander...it's pretty clear to those paying attention, that the GOP has a "mom issue" this election.

No wonder Kean is running scared.


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