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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Great news out of Kentucky

There's great news out of Kentucky. Local blog the BlueGrass Report cites polling that favors Democrats in both tight House races in the state:

With exactly one week to go until the November 7th election, a new round of independent polling shows former Rep. Ken Lucas (D) with a 50% to 46% lead over Rep. Geoff Davis (R) in the latest Constituent Dynamics poll. Previously, the poll showed Davis with 49% to 46% leads in both of the previous polls taken in August and early October.

Also, the Lucas camp informed me that their latest internal polling -- received within the past week -- confirms their lead, showing the race at 46% to 38%.

Coupled with yesterday's numbers showing John Yarmuth (D) surging ahead of Rep. Anne Northup (R) by a 52% to 46% margin, I think we're now witnessing previously undecided voters casting their lots and breaking sharply towards the Democratic challengers.

This is absolutely fantastic news. GOP Congresswoman Anne Northup has made a living "delivering the bacon" to a district that is nowhere near as conservative as she is. It's hard for Kentucky voters to rationalize that she would keep delivering the pork from the minority. And Yarmuth is a good candidate with DCCC support.

Look out GOP. We're coming.


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