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Monday, October 09, 2006

NAACP gives Anne Northup, GOP KY-03 an "F"

Local blog the Bluegrass Report reports that Anne Northup couldn't make a debate with her challenger, Democrat John Yarmuth, organized by the local NAACP, Urban League and religious organizations.

According to a spokesperson, Northup...who had a conflicting "dinner engagement" and couldn't attend the event...prefers debates that "address the broadest topics." Yarmuth, restricting himself to "narrow topics" in Northup's absence, addressed Universal Health Care, the minimum wage, the failures of the No Child Left Behind Program and the rising income gap in a time of soaring corporate profits.

Congresswoman Northup, however, does not fear that skipping this debate will adversely affect her relationship with the African-American community. According to spokesman Patrick Neely:

Northup has deep and long-lasting ties to the African-American community. She's been honored to serve them, and we believe the African-American community knows the difference between a partisan rally and thoughtful representation."

Maybe that's why Anne Northup received an "F" rating from the NAACP?


  • Hi K/O -

    Thanks for posting and reporting about this. It definitely deserves attention. I took the liberty of "seeding" your post about this race in "Newsvine" which will hopefully draw it more attention.

    Click Here for the link to your post on Newsvine, in case you wish to review any incoming comments as they come in.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:58 PM  

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