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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Scott Howell's racist ad crafting buoys the GOP

Scott Howell doesn't care if you think he's racist. Hell, he doesn't care if he drags the political discourse in this country into the mud.

Scott Howell is about two things:

a) the almighty dollar
b) doing whatever it takes to get Republicans to win

As Lowell of Raising Kaine writes:

Many of you might remember Scott Howell, the infamous Republican political hit...,er, ad man whose work includes such gems as the racist "Black Hands" ad in Oklahoma (2004) and the disgraceful "Hitler ad" in last year's Kaine-Kilgore race in Virginia.

Well, apparently those despicable ads haven't dissauded Republican candidates from using Howell's fine services. This year, for instance, Howell is hard at work, "crafting the message" for Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT), Rep. Mark Kennedy (R-MN), Sen. Jim Talent (R-MO), Mike Bouchard (R-MI), Tom Gallagher (R-FL), Bob Corker (R-TN), and...yes, you guessed it, our own George Allen (R-VA).

So, what's Howell been up to this year? Has he changed his nasty, race-baiting ways? Please, but you jest! Look, let's put it this way: fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and Scott Howell's gotta create race-baiting ads for Republican candidates. That's what he does, and he's damn good at it, if you can call evil "good."

Scott Howell is all about code words and coded messages. He's all about taking the low road...including using racist ploys to craft his ads. If you saw that stomach-turning racist ad that Howell churned out in Tennessee, ask yourself, is that what politics in this country should be about? If that's what it takes for Bob Corker to win...what is that saying about our country? What message is that sending?

Now, Bob Corker, George Allen, Tom Gallagher, Mike Bouchard, Jim Talent and Conrad Burns may have NO PROBLEM with using race-baiting ad man Scott Howell.

That doesn't make what he does acceptable. The Republicans know full well what's going on. The GOP will do whatever it takes to win.

They want power that badly.

Remember that next time you see a "positive" GOP commercial claiming to represent "values voters."

These folks are doing stuff that is just scuzzy.

Exhibit A = Scott Howell.


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