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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Soapblox regional blogs

I've been writing and linking to local and regional blogs for a while now and one thread that's woven through all these posts are myriad links to the Soapblox regional blog network.

Soapblox is a Scoop-like platform (it's a Java-based reverse-engineering of Scoop to be precise); what that means in lay terms is that Soapblox blogs are community blogs with user diaries, front-page stories and moderated comments. My Left Wing is probably the most well-known Soapblox blog, but there's a host of regional political Soapblox blogs listed below. If you want to "take the pulse" of regional blogging this election season, I would say that checking out SoapBlox's network of blogs is a great place to start:

The SoapBlox Network

- Below Boston (MA)
- BlueJersey.net (NJ)
- Blue Mass. Group (MA)
- Blue Oklahoma (OK)
- Burnt Orange Report (TX)
- Calitics (CA)
- Fireside 14
- Florida Politics (FL)
- GreenMountainDaily (VT)
- LiberIL View (IL)
- Michigan Liberal (MI)
- Raising Kaine (NJ)
- SoapBlox/Chicago (IL)
- SquareState (CO)
- Texas Kaos (TX)
- WA's 36th District Dems (WA)
- BlueForests.com (WA)
- MassRevolutionNow (MA)
- Netroots Movement (CT)

Pacified the founder of the Soapblox network is always interested in folks who would like to build new regional and local blogs of all sorts, but especially progressive political sites. Visit his website if you are interested.


  • hi Paul,

    A few thoughts about stem cells as an issue that merits our attention:

    Liberal/progressive candidates typically support stem cell research, while conservatives do not. Hence this is a good wedge issue, especially important to patients and seniors (and their families).

    Educating voters about the positions of political candidates on this issue will gain votes for progressives.

    Stem cell research merits our support first of all because of its potential to alleviate widespread human suffering, and perhaps even to cure severe afflictions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, juvenile diabetes, MS, ALS, spinal cord injury, and certain forms of cancer and heart disease. This humane research has received much favorable publicity lately. Even many Republicans, famously including Nancy Reagan, have come around to publicly acknowledging stem cells’ medical potential. But many conservative candidates, beholden to their ultra-conservative religious backers, cannot embrace this popular cause.

    Reputable polls indicate that stem cell research, including therapeutic cloning research, is supported by a large majority of Americans. Even most Catholics support the research. There are about 100 million Americans afflicted with illnesses that stem cell research might cure. Many of them – along with family members and friends, and irrespective of their formal party affiliations -- will be outraged to learn that politicians are handcuffing research that might alleviate so much suffering and save so many lives.

    Take the example of a parent who has a child with juvenile diabetes, and who learns that a political candidate opposes research that might heal their child. That parent may very well vote for a pro-research candidate who is on their side on this all-important issue, even if that candidate belongs to a party that is not the one they usually favor. Multiply this example by millions, and you have a groundswell of opinion that could make a big difference in upcoming elections.

    By Blogger Raymond Barglow, at 8:55 AM  

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